Tyna Karageorge (Formerly Tyna Robertson): A Look at Her Life and Legal Battles

Tyna Robertson

Tyna Karageorge, formerly known as Tyna Robertson, has found herself in the spotlight for reasons beyond her own choosing. Her public life has been intertwined with legal battles, most notably with former NFL star Brian Urlacher and dancer Michael Flatley. This article delves into the known aspects of Tyna Karageorge’s life and the legal controversies that have garnered media attention.

Tyna Robertson
Tyna Robertson

Early Life and Relationship with Brian Urlacher Tyna Robertson

Details surrounding Tyna Karageorge’s early life remain largely unknown to the public. She came into the public eye in the early 2000s during her relationship with Brian Urlacher, a star linebacker for the Chicago Bears. The couple’s relationship resulted in the birth of a son, Kennedy, in 2005.

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Custody Dispute with Brian Urlacher Tyna Robertson

Shortly after their son’s birth, Tyna Karageorge and Brian Urlacher became embroiled in a contentious custody battle. News articles from 2007 report disagreements regarding visitation schedules and communication between the two parents. A judge reportedly ordered both parties to attend parenting classes in an attempt to improve communication and co-parenting.

The specifics of the custody agreement remain private, but it appears the situation did not reach a swift resolution. In 2018, Tyna Karageorge, now known as Tyna Karageorge, filed a defamation lawsuit against Brian Urlacher for $125 million. The lawsuit alleged that Urlacher, along with his attorneys and a reporter, conspired to portray her as an unfit mother. The details of the lawsuit were not widely reported, and its outcome remains unclear.

Legal Battle with Michael Flatley Tyna Robertson 

In 2003, Tyna Karageorge made headlines for a separate legal dispute. She filed a civil sexual assault lawsuit against Irish dancer Michael Flatley, best known for his performances in “Riverdance.” The lawsuit’s details were never fully made public, but it was ultimately dismissed by the courts. Flatley countersued, alleging extortion, fraud, and defamation. The outcome of Flatley’s countersuit is not a matter of public record.

Life Beyond the Headlines Tyna Robertson

Due to the private nature of legal proceedings, much of Tyna Karageorge’s life remains unknown. Media reports primarily focus on the legal battles mentioned above. It is unclear what her current professional pursuits or personal life may be.

Challenges of High-Profile Legal Battles Tyna Robertson

Custody disputes and lawsuits can be incredibly stressful and emotionally draining experiences. They can also cast a long shadow over an individual’s life, particularly when they involve high-profile figures.

Focus on Kennedy Tyna Robertson

While the details of Tyna Karageorge’s life remain private, it is likely that her primary focus is on raising her son, Kennedy. The hope for any parent in a custody situation is to create a stable and loving environment for their child.


The information in this article is gleaned from publicly available sources, primarily news reports. The details surrounding legal cases can be complex, and this article does not provide a comprehensive legal analysis.


Tyna Karageorge’s life has been significantly impacted by legal battles. While the specifics remain largely unknown, it is clear that her focus has likely been on navigating these challenges and raising her son.

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