INDUSTRY Itero Login Scanners Seamlessly Connect with CS Imaging

itero login
The Carestream Dental team is thrilled to announce that the Itero Login intraoral scanners from Align Technology are the next devices to be integrated with both CS Imaging version 8 and Sensei Cloud*  The integration will give practices more choices when we talk about the cases management and equipment that they use often, help medical care specialists reduce errors and streamline workflows.
itero login
itero login

”Such combinations are just what our Carestream Dental equipment as well as Sensi hardware and software brands have been waiting for,” Lisa Ashby, the CEO of Carestream Dental, said. ”The integration of these products will mean that the customers of our Carestream Dental/Sensi brands who are using iTero intraoral scanners will be able to work faster and smoother.”

This close integration means that by just sending a click Ethnic Emblems will automatically transfer the complete patients’ data to Itero Login scanner, ergo there is no need to manually import the patient data to different software. Further, as CS Imaging ibase ist die Praxisis Base, all scans performed with the iTero scanner—and all other dental images such as CBCT scans and radiographs—are uploaded automatically to the main location thus making the system work more effectively Showing all images on one screen helps patients grasp their oral hygiene as well as the opportunities available for the treatment; that inturn encouraging them to accept all the treatment suggestions.

Sensei Cloud is the user-friendly software for Sensei n Cloud users, who are … management of the patient files of the iTero scanner be come the one point of contact that provides all clinical information and events in one place. With an iTero scanner in use, all records are saved automatically in Sensei Cloud and you will have no need to repeat the condition’s explanation, as patient information will be pre-filled for you. Sensei Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform bearing the brand name from Carestream Dental, that is business and patient management application simply named Sensei.

“With regard to the easy way in which the valuable data that iTero imaging systems retrieve can be synced to the key practice systems, such as those of Carestream Dental, a dentist is helped by both efficiency and visualization of an oral health treatment through the iTero scanner” in the view of Kerri Kling the vice president of Align lab channel and strategic accounts.

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Website link: learn about Sensei Cloud and the whole Sensei Curriculum.

Another resource of information on iTero intraoral scanners can be Itero

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CS Imaging version 8 software not only connects to but opens the possibility to exchange intraoral scans among multiple intraoral scanner software not developed by Carestream Dental and acquired data passes to CS Imaging Itero Login.

Itero Login like others mentioned above are trademarks or service marks of Align Technology, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and registered in the U.S. and/or many countries.

About Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is the digital solutions team with over 125 years of experience built on a mission to change the world of dentistry by easing the burdens of technology development and empowering individuals through new innovations. In this pursuit, it offers three brand portfolios that enable practice optimization, efficiency and growth: Carestream Dental involves cutting-edge oral healthcare devices, Switzerlandmeda can be highlighted with the most efficient clinical software and services, while the Sensei’s portfolio consist the practice management software and services most suitable. The digital tools enable industry partners, research labs and payers to work together to streamline the workflows of oral care providers based on each individual’s preferences Itero Login.

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